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Eustress? What is that?   This web site asks you to become more eustressed.  It is dedicated to Dr. Hans Selye, the Canadian scientist who is called the grandfather of   stress studies,   research.  He used  the prefix "eu" as it's used in the word "eu-phoria", so eustress means good or positive stress
For those who accept spirits... ...click here to see an angel.

You can be eustressed.  Really.  Helping yourself to heal will increase your chances.   This may include help from others.     See link below.

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The whole idea is you gotta grab good stress and bring it into your life.
Get Eustressed!
Also, if you have something that you feel is preventing eustress,  if I can assist you, I will.  email me


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I would like to help you feel better about your life, your work, your relationships. I want to help by providing a connection to the guidance of specific angels and the spiritual comfort and insights that connection provides.  But I would also like to help you first heal from pain you may be going through.Click here to read how to reduce the impact of images created by painful events.
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 Life does go on.  I want you to be able to participate.  I am sending LOVE, ,LIGHT, HEALING AND JOY!!
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