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How to Eustress Yourself.  OMG! You already know how!

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1.   You gotta have a plan first, a process for healing from all the negative crap:
physical, mental. emotional and spiritual (metaphysical).  Search out the plan
that will work for you.  Look everywhere.  Look under your car.  Just seeing if
you're really reading this. Try all the best.  I, ahem, happen to have one with four
variations on this very website... ideas about healing negative images, for
example, to get you started thinking about the whole healing thing.
Bottom Line
It's do-able, (eustress) but you gotta clean the slate!  What does that mean?
 Read on!

2.  Here's what you gotta do!  You gotta get rid of:  (You ready? Take a deep breath!)
feelings of...irritation, grudge, gripes, resentments, sour grapes, thoughts of lack, loss, self-pity,
uselessness, gloom and doom, and urges to
strike out, withdraw, run away, give up,
whew!  In other words, cut the crap and find a way
to get into a more positive state
before you even try to enhance it!
You aren't going to become Shirley Sunshine or Rod Reasonable
straight from the Beast that ate Montana.  Each and every one of the aforementioned attitudes
needs a positive substitute.  Without a replacement they will not go away.
Bottom Line:
Your brain will act like  a vacuum without substituting something for EACH, and
you will go right back to feeling like
a sucky doodoo-head!

3.  SO, for...irritation, grudge, gripes, resentments and sour grapes you're gonna
do the opposite of what you think I'm gonna say.  You are going to list them and name
and claim them and wallow in them, for about fifteen minutes. They done you dirt.
It ain't fair, it ain't nice.  It's crappy and and a pox on them all.  Cry. Now, you gonna let
them win twice or what?  They ruined your day once, twice, how many?.  You gonna let
them ruin EVERY day? Then stop right here.  I can't help you.  You want to be miserable,
go ahead.  Otherwise you need to do the next crazy thing. Give to them.  You heard me.
Pray for them.  Not a prayer?  Visualize them having positive things happen.  YES! And no,
I am not crazy! If they are available give them a gift, a trinket, whatever.  Yes, hand it to them.

Now do I have to say I am not talking about the guy who mugged you and stole your car?
Do not get anywhere near a perp.  If the best you can do is see them sitting doing some
harmless thing like watching tv, that will work.  The purpose is to get the evil buzz they
left in your head out of there.  If you can't shake it, go on to my page on healing negative
images that haunt you.
  If you still can't get rid of the build up,  get some help, professional

For thoughts of lack and loss, you are climbing out one step at a time.  Gratitude lists
don't work when you are greiving.  Don't deny the pain, allow yourself to share it.
That is the biggest trick to healing you could ever learn.  You can get through just
about anything together.  Together with whom?  Everybody.  Tell the bus driver, tell
your grandmother.   Tell your hairdresser, your barber, your softball coach,  don't stop
until somebody agrees with you and says they've have been there, are there.  Until two say
that, three say that, until a dozen say that.  Eventually it won't feel as bad.  You'll notice.
Then you can do your gratitude lists and your time out to enjoy.

The self-pity and uselessness is easy.  You march right down to the local foodbank
and volunteer.  You start reading for the blind, visiting sick kids in the hospital.  The
second you decide to spend one minute helping others is the very minute you will turn the tide
on how you feel about what you have or have not done in this world.  You don't have to
join the Peace Corps and spend five years in some far away land helping build schools.  
Do the research.  Who needsd what and what can you do?   How much time can you give?
Can you at least stop sending negative thoughts of pity to those sduffering and think of
them as somehow managing to improve things?  That's a start.

And so hopefully, having made strides or at least aken some steps toward  dumping the
excess of negativity, you can now begin to also focus on EUSTRESS.

4.  Here are just a few tiny ideas for the many, many many positive measures
  first and foremost, don't take the fool's way out by trying to find
a drug that will take you there.  Or if you have, let dropping that be your first step.
You didn't come on this planet to avoid being alive and aware while you're here and
Bottom Line It ruins the game and you don't get any
points trying to run away
from the life you decided to come into.  So...

     a. For physical:  get moving...from least to most:  chair aerobics,
chair dancing, stretching, breathing exercises, walking around the house
as an exercise, dancing around the house, lifting cat food cans, lifting soup
cans, 1 lb. hand weights up to really big barbells and huge gym equipment
things, and recreation with friends.  Do whatever you know you love to do
and could be doing, age and health appropriate.
 Bottom Line Do something
physical everyday and notice the positive changes.  Yes, Virginia,
it will change!

    b.  For mental:  this is easy, easy--learn, learn. learn!   You know what you
want to learn, learn it!  You know what is safe to learn, fun to learn, worth
learning but not too hard to learn, what would pay off for you to learn,
what would help people around you if you learned it, what you have always
thought of learning.  So start.
  Bottom line:  Let curiosity in, man, learn
and see your life expand!

    c.  For emotional:  this is so easy also, too, although you won't believe me--
connect, connect, connect.  What?  You thought you could do this if you only
found the one right partner?  OMG!  Stop.  Look at the happy people, the really
happy people.  They have a lot of buddies, friend!  We fall in love, yes, but
that is only the beginning.  We have come onto this planet  to experience
each other in physical form in a thousand different ways.  In other words,
"WE" is the big reason WE are here.  We came to have the exerience of each
other in three dimensions as lovers, yes, and  as friends, team mates, co-workers,
co-worshipers, co-home owners, co-apartment dwellers, co-dog walkers, co-parents,
co-shoppers, co-students, co-musicians, co-traverlers and co-travelers in the
broadest sense across all lines of interest. So when you connect, connecting
is nothing more than the acknowledgment that you came here to be with...
whomever for whatever.
  Bottom line: You really connect (that's sharing)
with enough people and I guarantee your feelings will get more positive.

    d.  For spiritual:  realize that spiritual means spirit-filled, you know,
like cosmic energy type of thing, like the force being with you.  The universe
is intentional, has motivation. Get with the intention.  Line up with alignment.  
Rap with the rhythm.  Go with the flow.  Move with the motion, do the devotion.
Sing with the stars.  Strum the guitars.  Let the vibrations have the migrations to
the highest vibrations of all.  Make the call.  Have a ball.  You know it, y'all.  You
gotta acknowlege that Source is the college and attendance is free so get your degree.
Can't express it straight because words don't rate when you try to call the all-in-all
a name, it's a game.  So find your fame by not being lame when it's time to pray
take your ego away and let the universe give you the verse and release the worst.
Declare you're there where each thought is a stair that will take you in air to
a state of fate that really rates and tune each day in such a way that no one or
nothing can legislate a downword slide or a punky ride 'cause the Source is the Force
that's become your choice. Now your have a voice to speak your soul's pleasure and
build a treasure of the deepest delight with what's totally right. 
Bottom line: Hallelujah!

                Get with the plan, Stan.
Note:   May total eustress be yours every day!
Internal links:  (Help Hunger and Help Children)  (Healing Negative images)  (Who I Am)