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Well, I'll tell you a lot more about me, Marti Ramsey. I grew up in a small farming village in western New York State called Warsaw, many of the years coming in those quiet Eisenhower days after presidents FDR and Truman and WWII. I loved Warsaw, loved, growing up that way. As a child I used to walk way up the hill behind the house to sit looking at the village and stare for hours at the
view. I didn't know I was meditating and that it
  would help me later on, but it certainly helped me unwind.  I was always tumbling around  looking for something to get out of myself.  I was   an extremely self-conscious  and anxious child. 



I left my small town behind after high school to go on with my education.  I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the Boston University Theater School.   I also have an MS. I also am a CASAC and an MAC. The first one, MS, is a Masters in Speech and Communication.  I went through graduate school in the late sixties, when hippies ruled and it was cool to drink and drug a lot.  I did my share of dancing with the bottle. I didn't realize I was becoming addicted, but by the early seventies I was moving very far away from healthy ways to cope with life.  But I was fortunate.  In 1977 I found my way into recovery from addiction. Six years into recovery I began to work in the field of addiction recovery. The CASAC is the credential for that field.  It means  Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor in the State of New York.  I  worked as a counselor in the field of addictions  both in New York and Florida for many years.  The third one, MAC is from NAADAC, the national counsel on addiction.  The MAC means a nationally credentialed master's level addiction counselor. I'm also  internationally credentialed due to the New York State credential.  Also, I have taught English and Public Speaking and Drama in high schools and colleges.

So over the years of working in the field of addiction, I have facilitated thousands of hours of group therapy, family conferences and individual therapy.  It has been intense and at times  heart-rending, but well worth it, helping people to move from storms into the sunlight.  I think that being allowed to assist in the healing process for others has been a priviledge.  It certainly has provided me with motivation and inspiration to continue my own healing and growth.



Here's a weird part.  I'm also a reverend with the Church of Life in California, a strange little group that fought it's way through the courts to have the right to ordain people. I have done spiritual readings, and many who do readings apply for that kind of membership to cover themselves legally, hence the affiliation. I am also a Silva Method Graduate and a Remote Viewer.  The Silva Method is an excellent form of healing meditiation. Remote Viewing is a very specific group process I did not persue beyond the initial training.  I also do Angelcard Readings. Also, I have taught Light Work classes in both New York State and South Florida the way I learned the path from my own spiritual teacher, Doris Crawford, in Syracuse, NY. (Doris was not from the Church of Life.) I also channel Space Friends that I call collectively Spirit. 
Let's see, what else do I do?  I have fiddled around with the digereedoo, sachu- hachi flute, played baritone and tenor saxophones in a community band, sang in a Chorale, played hand drums, plunked away on Gobi-Chungs, all happilly but not great. Great fun, though.

I lived in South Florida for over thirteen years. I gave up the beaches to get back to the four seasons of Central New York State: sparkling  spring days, hazy summer days (away from hurricanes,) golden autumn days and, yes, I do love bleak and dreary winter days which I honestly missed as much as beautiful snowy days. I'm just a northerner at heart. I guess I'd have to be, to love "bleak" and shoveling snow.
About Eustress: I learned to love full body relaxation and breathe control techniques I got from Dr. Evangeline Machlin's voice classes while getting my BFA at the Theater School at BU so many years ago.  Since then I have managed to combine those techniques with meditation techniques I learned from Doris Crawford and from various trainers like one who taught the Sila Method. Those days of sitting on the hill in my hometown were a perfect beginning to meditation. I have taught some form of stress management whether  teaching or counseling or ministering for many decades.  Anyway (and in any form) I love to teach stress management.  It lifts the spirits, a little mystery, a little joy, it stops the pacing, trapped feelings..  Again my hunch is  I tend to utilize stress management and eustress for myself more when I am sharing it with others. 


So I now live in Syracuse, New York, with my life partner, two dogs and seven cats. I am blessed and eustressed.  Bless you, too, on your own healing journey and if I can assist, please contact me. 
Healing and Joy,  Marti 
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